Lot 9: Famous Double Soak Cocoa Washed

Picked strictly at sugar beet-like color, therefore above 25 brix g.´s, cherries are wet milled in mucilage rich partly recycled water, containing a rich concentration of fructose (coffee pulp sugars), and fermenting bacteria, that highly enhance its aroma, and flavor attributes. From the fermentation tanks, where beans await for 28 to 36 hrs. approx. (After bacteria work for you removing mucilage), it is then taken to washing canal to remove all remains of mucilage with the same water it was de-pulped with. About 75 % of that water will be used again in next batch. Then it is soaked in fresh water from our natural spring, for 2 cycles of 12 hrs., changing it once between said cycles.
It is then sun dried at our patios, slowly for 16 days approx., taken detailed care of covering it with shade cloth at high temperature day hours, day in day out. Until it reaches a perfect 10.5% humidity, it is taken to our resting warehouse, which is a ground floor beneath a wooden building, creating a perfect 20°-21° storage climate.

Coffee and cupping details


Weight: 150 lbs
Cupping notes: chocolate, citric sweetness, slight plum, vanilla, caramel, and shiny, creamy, forest berries, well balanced, honey, dense, green apple, aliveness, cocoa, miel, canela, acidez a mandarina, floral, Jazmín, ciruela, pasas, jugoso, azucarado, frutas maduras
Varietal: Famous Double Soak Cocoa Washed

Farm details


Farm Elevation: 2950 masl


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