San Jose Ocana Auction 2021



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开始出价:02 八月 2021 10:00:00 BST
结束于: 12 八月 2021 11:05:58 BST

Auction Date: 12th August @ 10:00 AM London (London)

Auction times in your region:
02:00 AM : Los Angeles
05:00 AM : New York
06:00 AM : Sao Paulo
10:00 AM : London
12:00 PM : Riyadh
16:00 PM : Jakarta
17:00 PM : Shanghai
18:00 PM : Tokyo
19:00 PM : Sydney


Specific Auction Terms & Conditions

We would like to highlight some specific rules from the auction manager:

  • All expenses of extra documents that a specific country requires have to be paid for by the customer.
  • This includes importer's codes used in countries such as Taiwan and Dubai. We do not hold any responsibility for costs or problems incurred by these codes.
  • The packaging included in the auction price is for Jute bags and Grain Pro bags or equivalent included.
  • Vacuum packaging is available at an extra cost. These extra costs will be invoiced separately.


拍卖品 重量 增量 出价 总价值 称谓 高出价者 剩下的时间
1A150lbs$0.10$3.75/lb$562.50Vintage BourbonGIL-Coffee FINISHED
1B150lbs$0.10$3.75/lb$562.50Vintage BourbonGIL-Coffee FINISHED
2A150lbs$0.10$4.00/lb$600.00Vanilla Yellow- FINISHED
2B150lbs$0.10$4.00/lb$600.00Vanilla Yellow- FINISHED
362lbs$0.10$8.20/lb$508.40Exotic H1Roller Roasters FINISHED
4A200lbs$0.10$12.10/lb$2,420.00Rain Forest Gesha Esperya srl FINISHED
4B400lbs$0.10$11.00/lb$4,400.00Rain Forest Gesha - FINISHED
4C600lbs$0.10$10.00/lb$6,000.00Rain Forest Gesha - FINISHED
5A150lbs$0.10$6.00/lb$900.00Highland Pacamara PICKERS COFFEE FINISHED
5B150lbs$0.10$6.00/lb$900.00Highland Pacamara Echos creative co., ltd. FINISHED
6150lbs$0.10$4.20/lb$630.00Fancy Lineage SL 28The Underdog S.A. FINISHED
6B109lbs$0.10$4.20/lb$457.80Fancy Lineage SL 28PICKERS COFFEE FINISHED
7150lbs$0.10$4.00/lb$600.00Elegant TekisicEchos creative co., ltd. FINISHED
7B150lbs$0.10$4.00/lb$600.00Elegant Tekisic- FINISHED
8150lbs$0.10$7.00/lb$1,050.00Hibrido San FranciscoEchos creative co., ltd. FINISHED
8B47lbs$0.10$10.60/lb$498.20Hibrido San FranciscoRoller Roasters FINISHED
9150lbs$0.10$3.75/lb$562.50Famous Double Soak Cocoa Washed- FINISHED
9B150lbs$0.10$3.75/lb$562.50Famous Double Soak Cocoa Washed- FINISHED
10150lbs$0.10$5.00/lb$750.00NaturalEchos creative co., ltd. FINISHED
10B150lbs$0.10$5.00/lb$750.00Natural- FINISHED
11150lbs$0.10$3.75/lb$562.50Black Honey- FINISHED
11B150lbs$0.10$3.75/lb$562.50Black Honey- FINISHED
12150lbs$0.10$3.75/lb$562.50HoneyEsperya srl FINISHED
12B150lbs$0.10$3.85/lb$577.50HoneyEsperya srl FINISHED