San Jose Ocana Auction 2020

Auction Date: 7th July@ 10:00 AM London (London)

Auction times in your region:
02:00 AM : Los Angeles
05:00 AM : New York
06:00 AM : Sao Paulo
10:00 AM : London
12:00 PM : Riyadh
16:00 PM : Jakarta
17:00 PM : Shanghai
18:00 PM : Tokyo
19:00 PM : Sydney


Specific Auction Terms & Conditions

We would like to highlight some specific rules from the auction manager:

  • All expenses of extra documents that a specific country requires have to be paid for by the customer.
  • This includes importer's codes used in countries such as Taiwan and Dubai. We do not hold any responsibility for costs or problems incurred by these codes.
  • The packaging included in the auction price is for Jute bags and Grain Pro bags or equivalent included.
  • Vacuum packaging is available at an extra cost. These extra costs will be invoiced separately.

Overall Auction Description




About this Auction



拍卖品品种加工方式Bags重量Inco Term增量出价总价值称谓高出价者剩下的时间
110lbsFASFancy Lineage SL-28 FINISHED
2125lbsFAS$0.10$18.10/lb$452.50Exotic H-1The Underdog S.A. FINISHED
3A150lbsFAS$0.10$12.10/lb$605.00Rain Forest GeshasMaxjoy cafe FINISHED
3B150lbsFAS$0.10$12.21/lb$610.50Rain Forest GeshasMaxjoy cafe FINISHED
4A1150lbsFAS$0.10$8.50/lb$1,275.00Highland PacamaraCerex Fine Crop Corporation FINISHED
4B1150lbsFAS$0.10$8.50/lb$1,275.00Highland PacamaraCerex Fine Crop Corporation FINISHED
5A1125lbsFAS$0.10$3.50/lb$437.50Traditional Zunuj CatuaíPebble Coffee Co., Ltd. FINISHED
5B1125lbsFAS$0.10$3.50/lb$437.50Traditional Zunuj CatuaíPebble Coffee Co., Ltd. FINISHED
6175lbsFAS$0.10$3.50/lb$262.50Unique Híbrido San FrancisoHaaya Gourmet Coffee Co. Ltd FINISHED


拍卖品品种加工方式Bags重量Inco Term增量出价总价值称谓高出价者剩下的时间
7A1300lbsFAS$0.10$4.60/lb$1,380.00Double soak, Cocoa WashedBrulerie du Quai FINISHED
7B1300lbsFAS$0.10$4.50/lb$1,350.00Double soak, Cocoa WashedPebble Coffee Co., Ltd. FINISHED
7C1300lbsFAS$0.10$4.60/lb$1,380.00Double soak, Cocoa WashedGreen Loaders Inc. FINISHED
8A1300lbsFAS$0.10$5.00/lb$1,500.00Golden HoneyPebble Coffee Co., Ltd. FINISHED
8B1300lbsFAS$0.10$5.00/lb$1,500.00Golden HoneyMaxjoy cafe FINISHED
8C1300lbsFAS$0.10$5.00/lb$1,500.00Golden Honey- FINISHED
9A1300lbsFAS$0.10$3.60/lb$1,080.00Moroccan Black HoneyMaxjoy cafe FINISHED
9B1300lbsFAS$0.10$3.67/lb$1,101.00Moroccan Black HoneyPebble Coffee Co., Ltd. FINISHED
9C1200lbsFAS$0.10$3.67/lb$734.00Moroccan Black HoneyPebble Coffee Co., Ltd. FINISHED
10A1300lbsFAS$0.10$8.21/lb$2,463.00Brandy NaturalHARU International Corp, FINISHED
10B1300lbsFAS$0.10$8.21/lb$2,463.00Brandy NaturalMaxjoy cafe FINISHED
10C1300lbsFAS$0.10$8.21/lb$2,463.00Brandy NaturalYUBI Bakery Corporation FINISHED
111300lbsFAS$0.10$8.10/lb$2,430.00Medal RasinMaxjoy cafe FINISHED
12A1300lbsFAS$0.10$6.10/lb$1,830.00Vanilla Yellow BourbonMaxjoy cafe FINISHED
12B1300lbsFAS$0.10$6.00/lb$1,800.00Vanilla Yellow Bourbon- FINISHED