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Thank you to everyone who took part buying samples and placing bids on the day. This year we selected 24 lots, from different unique varieties not often found in Guatemala such as Rainforest Gesha, H1 hybrid, Tekisic, Pacamara and many more!

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Celebrating our 4th year of Running an specialty coffee auction

We pay homage to the origins of coffee by developing the unique flavor profiles, dialing in and allowing for each strain of coffee bean to be its truest self.

This year we have worked very hard to select these 28 micro lots with different exotic varieties such as Tekisic, Exotic H1, Hibrido San Francisco, Rainforest Gesha and many more!

These micro lots are just unique! Discover them and get ready to bid!

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  • 02:00 AM : Los Angeles
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  • 10:00 AM : London
  • 12:00 PM : Riyadh
  • 16:00 PM : Jakarta
  • 17:00 PM : Shanghai
  • 18:00 PM : Tokyo
  • 19:00 PM : Sydney

“Treating coffee with respect is the main ingredient to much of what we do.”

Guillermo Sanchez

Why our coffee is so unique?

We take pride on having the highest standard of picking point (ripeness) possible, which San José Ocaña is known for. The uniformity of our picked crop, is seldom seen in other parts of the coffee producing world. Moreover, each daily lot and variety is processed individually on a given day.

Our fine coffee-producing farm, serves only the prime specialty coffee market, thanks to its high altitude, good clayish soils and varietals.


“We produce the best possible coffee quality with the highest sustainability mindset, designed to be able to maintain it in the same way, through the coming years”
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About our farm

This coffee comes from a family estate located in the municipality of San Juan Sacatepéquez in Guatemala. Finca San José Ocaña belongs to the Sanchez family since 1905. Over the past 110 years, the family has developed 150 acres for coffee cultivation and has kept the remaining 260 acres in their natural state. The growers have their own mill where the selection, pulping and drying of the cherries is meticulously carried out.

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