Lot 4B: Rain Forest Gesha

Again, we are featuring this San José Ocaña amazing combination of 2 different strains of Geshas, grown underneath a well-managed native forest plantation @ 2950 masl
This micro lot is extremely special, as you will not find such a mix anywhere else in the C.A. region! Certainly, not in any other auction. We are 100% assured you will find it extraordinary!

Coffee and cupping details


Weight: 400 lbs
Cupping notes: Floral aroma, Lemon grass, Jazmin notes, Green tea, Papaya, Passion Fruit, Cinnamon Honey, and silky consistency. chocolate, guava, roselle tea, passion fruit, cocoa, plum, mombin fruit, consistent.
Varietal: Rain Forest Gesha

Farm details


Farm Elevation: 2950 masl

기타 정보

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