Lot 8B: Hibrido San Francisco

This very rare finding of ours, is presented for the first time ver in an auction. You will not find it anywhere else, as it was brought in as a special assignment from abroad, and has never been grown at our farm´s altitude! -1950 masl-. We could only make available a few pounds, as we are making available it´s firs beans ever to be separated in a nano lot!

Coffee and cupping details


Weight: 47 lbs
Cupping notes: Fruit-like notes, citric sweetness, honey, juicy, plum, vanilla, jazmin. Chocolate aroma, tartaric acidity, red grapes, fruity notes, plum notes, plum, wild berries, peach notes, silky.
Varietal: Hibrido San Francisco

Farm details


Farm Elevation: 2950 masl

기타 정보

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