Lot BN-2: Brandy Natural

Brandy Natural: Our ancient bourbon plants, almost typicas, or closer descendants of them than most nowadays bourbon strains, give yield to the extremely careful picked cherries, brought to 25-26 brix degrees, which are then cautiously spread on our sun drying patios for 20 days, being very carefully moved with a palm leaf to not squeeze the juices. Then, cherries are passed to African beds in our green house. In there they will remain for 10 more days, until they reach 10% humidity, being moved every hour.

Attributes and notes

Fruity, sugar cane, caramel, plum, green apple, liveliness, shiny, juicy, citric sweetness, apricots, pineapple, tropical fruits.

Lot Description

Reference Number:BN-2
Opening Bid:$6.00/lb
무게:120 lbs

기타 정보

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