Lot 2A: Vanilla Yellow

Once more we are featuring this delicious varietal, single lot, prepared out of a separate and unique collection of cherries from yellow bourbon plants, scattered among the whole farm. Using the same ripening criteria as the rest of the our preparation, we carefully ferment the beans separately to remove mucilage, and then we carefully dry it on the patios

Lot Description

Reference Number:2A
Opening Bid:$4.00/lb
Weight:150 lbs
Varietal:Vanilla Yellow
Producer Cupping Notes:Chocolate aroma, vanilla flavor, plum, mature fruits, caramel, hazelnut and vanilla aroma, juicy, sugary, honey, Orange-like citric acidity, cocoa, some cinnamon notes, persistent aftertaste.

Farm details

Farm Elevation: 2950 masl

Other info

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