Lot 11: San Jose Ocaña's Original Golden Honey

This variety is named after its gold ochre parchment color. After wet-milling, the same superbly picked dark maroon coffee cherries, still with their sweet mucilage intact, are moved using our fermenting recycled water directly to the sun-drying patios. This process is carried out by running them through canals while carefully avoiding any washing. By using this water, we ensure that none of the sugar and mucilage is removed.

No additional fermentation is involved, except for the natural fermentation that occurs on the parchment skin during sun-drying. The coffee will remain on the patios for approximately 18-20 days, with meticulous care taken to cover it with shade cloth during periods of high temperature throughout each day.

Once the coffee reaches a perfect humidity level of 10.5%, it is transferred to our resting warehouse located on the ground floor beneath a wooden building, creating an ideal storage climate of 20°-21°.

Lot Description

Reference Number:11
Opening Bid:$4.50/lb
Weight:300 lbs
Varietal:Classic Bourbon / bourbon selection
Altitude: 2,950 masl
Location:San Juan Sacatepequez
Producer:Guillermo Sanchez

Coffee details

Tasting Notes:Aroma of chocolate, winey, sweet, brown sugar, juicy, tangerine citrus acidity, ripe raspberry fruit, well balanced, green tea.

Farm details

Farm Size: 175.0 ha
Founding Year: 1905
Altitude Range: 1905 to 1955 masl
Number of Coffee Trees: 150 acres plants plants
Location: San Juan Sacatepequez
Farm Elevation: 200m - 250m
Average Rainfall: 1400 millimeters a year

Producer Story:

San Jose Ocaña has been in the family for over 100 years, and has always been a sustainable agricultural operation, which started mainly as a forestry farm management. In time, it evolved to be a fine coffee producing farm, serving only the prime specialty coffee market. This is mainly as result of its high altitude, good clayish soils and varietals.

Other info

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