Lot 4C: Rain Forest Gesha

Again, we are featuring this San José Ocaña amazing combination of 2 different strains of Geshas, grown underneath a well-managed native forest plantation @ 2950 masl
This micro lot is extremely special, as you will not find such a mix anywhere else in the C.A. region! Certainly, not in any other auction. We are 100% assured you will find it extraordinary!

Lot Description

Reference Number:4C
Opening Bid:$10.00/lb
Weight:600 lbs
Varietal:Rain Forest Gesha
Producer Cupping Notes:Floral aroma, Lemon grass, Jazmin notes, Green tea, Papaya, Passion Fruit, Cinnamon Honey, and silky consistency. chocolate, guava, roselle tea, passion fruit, cocoa, plum, mombin fruit, consistent.

Coffee details


Farm details

Farm Elevation: 2950 masl

Producer Story:

Other info

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