Lot 12: Moroccan Black Honey

Named after its dark brown parchment color, our cherries with a Brix measurement of 26 or above are taken directly from the pulping machine to the sun-drying patios in wheelbarrows. This ensures that any remaining fruit pulp and mucilage are not washed off, allowing them to undergo a crisp sunbathing process. Care is taken to avoid scorching the cherries during the high-temperature hours of the day. To provide additional protection, we use an innovative shade cloth over our sun-drying patios, carefully moving it every 30 minutes for approximately 8 days.

Subsequently, we transfer the cherries to our African beds greenhouse, where they are allowed to dry slowly. With all the mucilage still intact on the beans, they undergo the drying process in the greenhouses for a few days, allowing them to absorb all the fruity sugars. Once the coffee reaches a perfect humidity level of 10.5%, it is transferred to our resting warehouse, located on the ground floor beneath a wooden building, creating the perfect storage climate of 20°-21°.

Lot Description

Reference Number:12
Opening Bid:$4.50/lb
Weight:300 lbs
Varietal:Classic Bourbon / bourbon selection
Process:Black Honey
Altitude: 2,950 masl
Location:San Juan Sacatepequez
Producer:Guillermo Sanchez

Coffee details

Tasting Notes:Black Tea, juicy, caramel, sweet, fruity, lemon tea acidity, honey, ripe fruits, molasses, short aftertaste

Farm details

Farm Size: 175.0 ha
Founding Year: 1905
Altitude Range: 1905 to 1955 masl
Number of Coffee Trees: 150 acres plants plants
Location: San Juan Sacatepequez
Farm Elevation: 200m - 250m
Average Rainfall: 1400 millimeters a year

Producer Story:

San Jose Ocaña has been in the family for over 100 years, and has always been a sustainable agricultural operation, which started mainly as a forestry farm management. In time, it evolved to be a fine coffee producing farm, serving only the prime specialty coffee market. This is mainly as result of its high altitude, good clayish soils and varietals.

Other info

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