Lot 9B: Moroccan Black Honey

Lot Description

Reference Number:9B
Opening Bid:$3.50/lb
Weight:300 lbs
Producer Cupping Notes:Black tea, juicy, caramel, molasses, some lime notes, chocolate. Well achieved preparation. Nice tea and caramel after taste, prolonged.

Coffee details


Named due to its dark brown parchment color, our 26 Brix or above cherries are taken directly from the pulping machine, to the sun drying patios in wheelbarrows, to avoid any naturally remaining fruit pulp and mucilage wash-off, to get a crisp sun bathe, always taking care of not scorching it during high temp hrs. There, using our innovative shade cloth over our sun drying patios, we carefully move it every ½ hr., for 8 days aprox. Then we take it to our African beds greenhouse, to get slowly dried. All mucilage on the beans, it dries in there for a few days, still absorbing all the fruity sugars, getting on the bean almonds, chocolate, citric, sugary notes, as well as orange, lime, shiny tangerine, and some green apple. Until it reaches a perfect 10.5% humidity, it is taken to our resting warehouse as well, which is a ground floor beneath a wooden building, creating a perfect 20°-21° storage climate.

Other info

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