Lot 12: Honey

Named after its gold ochre parchment color. After wet-milling the same superbly picked dark maroon coffee cherries, all beans still with their sweet mucilage on, are moved away with our fermenting recycled water, directly to the sun drying patios, by means of running them through the canals, carefully avoiding to wash it. Using said water, assures us of not taking sugars and mucilage away. No fermentation is involved, other than what will naturally occur on the parchment skin while getting sun-dried. It will remain there for 18-20 days aprox., taken detailed care of covering it with shade cloth at high temperature day hours, day in day out. Until it reaches a perfect 10.5% humidity. Then, it is also taken to our resting warehouse, which is a ground floor beneath a wooden building, creating a perfect 20°-21° storage climate.

Lot Description

Reference Number:12
Opening Bid:$3.75/lb
Weight:150 lbs
Producer Cupping Notes:Caramel, Chocolate, well balanced, sugary, tangerine citric, green tea, shiny notes. aroma a chocolate, avinatado, dulce, azúcar morena, jugoso, acidez citrica mandarina, consistente, dulce, melaza, cocoa, frutas maduras frambuesa.

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Farm Elevation: 2950 masl

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