Lot 3: Exotic H1

Again, this newly available VARIETAL, ever to be offered in an auction, carefully genetically designed by pollination to be resistant to rust and other coffee diseases, gave as a result a superb and exotic cupping bean. It is also a higly promising arm for sustainability throughout Central America, as it requires less sprays and has good yield.
We will present only a few selected pounds, as it a nano land plot planted in 2015, never planted before at our altitude -2950 m.a.s.l. hence we are very excited to present it to our highly appreciated Auction Clientele.

Lot Description

Reference Number:3
Opening Bid:$8.00/lb
Weight:62 lbs
Varietal:Exotic H1
Producer Cupping Notes:very aromatic towards tropical fruits, Chocolate, citric orange-like acidity, honey, sugary, juicy, cocoa, grapefruit-like acidity, cinnamon.

Farm details

Farm Elevation: 2950 masl

Other info

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