San Jose Ocana Auction 2021

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Auction overview

Lots: 24
Bidding starts: 02 Aug 2021 10:00:00 BST
Ends: 12 Aug 2021 11:05:58 BST
Bidding Agreement

Auction Date: 12th August @ 10:00 AM London (London)

Auction times in your region:
02:00 AM : Los Angeles
05:00 AM : New York
06:00 AM : Sao Paulo
10:00 AM : London
12:00 PM : Riyadh
16:00 PM : Jakarta
17:00 PM : Shanghai
18:00 PM : Tokyo
19:00 PM : Sydney

Notice To Purchasers

Specific Auction Terms & Conditions

We would like to highlight some specific rules from the auction manager:

  • All expenses of extra documents that a specific country requires have to be paid for by the customer.
  • This includes importer's codes used in countries such as Taiwan and Dubai. We do not hold any responsibility for costs or problems incurred by these codes.
  • The packaging included in the auction price is for Jute bags and Grain Pro bags or equivalent included.
  • Vacuum packaging is available at an extra cost. These extra costs will be invoiced separately.

Lots in this auction

Lot Weight Increment Bid Total value Title High bidder Time left
1A150lbs$0.10$3.75/lb$562.50Vintage BourbonGIL-Coffee FINISHED
1B150lbs$0.10$3.75/lb$562.50Vintage BourbonGIL-Coffee FINISHED
2A150lbs$0.10$4.00/lb$600.00Vanilla Yellow- FINISHED
2B150lbs$0.10$4.00/lb$600.00Vanilla Yellow- FINISHED
362lbs$0.10$8.20/lb$508.40Exotic H1Roller Roasters FINISHED
4A200lbs$0.10$12.10/lb$2,420.00Rain Forest Gesha Esperya srl FINISHED
4B400lbs$0.10$11.00/lb$4,400.00Rain Forest Gesha - FINISHED
4C600lbs$0.10$10.00/lb$6,000.00Rain Forest Gesha - FINISHED
5A150lbs$0.10$6.00/lb$900.00Highland Pacamara PICKERS COFFEE FINISHED
5B150lbs$0.10$6.00/lb$900.00Highland Pacamara Echos creative co., ltd. FINISHED
6150lbs$0.10$4.20/lb$630.00Fancy Lineage SL 28The Underdog S.A. FINISHED
6B109lbs$0.10$4.20/lb$457.80Fancy Lineage SL 28PICKERS COFFEE FINISHED
7150lbs$0.10$4.00/lb$600.00Elegant TekisicEchos creative co., ltd. FINISHED
7B150lbs$0.10$4.00/lb$600.00Elegant Tekisic- FINISHED
8150lbs$0.10$7.00/lb$1,050.00Hibrido San FranciscoEchos creative co., ltd. FINISHED
8B47lbs$0.10$10.60/lb$498.20Hibrido San FranciscoRoller Roasters FINISHED
9150lbs$0.10$3.75/lb$562.50Famous Double Soak Cocoa Washed- FINISHED
9B150lbs$0.10$3.75/lb$562.50Famous Double Soak Cocoa Washed- FINISHED
10150lbs$0.10$5.00/lb$750.00NaturalEchos creative co., ltd. FINISHED
10B150lbs$0.10$5.00/lb$750.00Natural- FINISHED
11150lbs$0.10$3.75/lb$562.50Black Honey- FINISHED
11B150lbs$0.10$3.75/lb$562.50Black Honey- FINISHED
12150lbs$0.10$3.75/lb$562.50HoneyEsperya srl FINISHED
12B150lbs$0.10$3.85/lb$577.50HoneyEsperya srl FINISHED
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