San Jose Ocana Auction 2018

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Auction overview

Lots: 16
Bidding starts: 31 Jul 2018 10:00:00 BST
Ends: 31 Jul 2018 15:58:27 BST

Welcome to our 2018 auction.

  • Auction will run on 31st July 2018
  • Registration is now open
  • You may buy 1 set of samples. If you need any more then please contact us

Lots in this auction

Lot Weight Increment Bid Total value Title High bidder Time left
DS-CW-110300lbs$0.10$4.70/lb$1,410.00Double soak, Cocoa WashedBrulerie du QuaiFINISHED
DS-CW-25150lbs$0.10$4.50/lb$675.00Double soak, Cocoa WashedHaaya Gourmet Coffee Co., Ltd.FINISHED
DS-CW-3390lbs$0.10$4.80/lb$432.00Double soak, Cocoa WashedMING-JUN COFFEEFINISHED
DS-CW-4260lbs$0.10$5.60/lb$336.00Double soak, Cocoa Washedmuse-cofe(Taiwan)喵思咖啡FINISHED
GH-110120lbs$0.10$6.50/lb$780.00Golden HoneyOntheup International Co., Ltd.FINISHED
GH-24120lbs$0.10$6.10/lb$732.00Golden HoneyMING-JUN COFFEEFINISHED
GH-3130lbs$0.10$7.20/lb$216.00Golden HoneyThe UnderdogFINISHED
MBH-110120lbs$0.10$6.50/lb$780.00Moroccan Black HoneyOntheup International Co., Ltd.FINISHED
MBH-24120lbs$0.10$6.20/lb$744.00Moroccan Black HoneyHARU International Corp,FINISHED
MBH-3130lbs$0.10$6.80/lb$204.00Moroccan Black HoneyThe UnderdogFINISHED
BN-110300lbs$0.10$7.10/lb$2,130.00Brandy NaturalHARU International Corp,FINISHED
BN-24120lbs$0.10$7.90/lb$948.00Brandy NaturalHaaya Gourmet Coffee Co., Ltd.FINISHED
BN-3130lbs$0.10$13.50/lb$405.00Brandy NaturalThe UnderdogFINISHED
MR-110300lbs$0.10$7.10/lb$2,130.00Medal Rasinmuse-cofe(Taiwan)喵思咖啡FINISHED
MR-24120lbs$0.10$8.20/lb$984.00Medal RasinThe UnderdogFINISHED
MR-3130lbs$0.10$13.20/lb$396.00Medal RasinMING-JUN COFFEEFINISHED
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