World-class specialty coffee

10 unique lots from our farm in San Juan Sacatepéquez, Guatemala.

Auction starts:
27th June 2023 | 10:00 hrs London

San Jose Ocana

Celebrating our 6th year of running a Specialty Coffee Auction

At San Jose Ocaña, we believe in honoring the rich history and origins of coffee by cultivating unique flavor profiles that allow each strain of coffee bean to express its authentic self.

Our team has worked tirelessly this year to carefully select 10 micro lots, each with a distinct and exotic variety of coffee such as Tekisic, Fancy Lineage SL-28, Rainforest Gesha, and more.

These micro lots are truly one-of-a-kind, and we invite you to explore their flavors and get ready to bid!

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27th June 2023 | 10:00 hrs London time

  • 02:00 AM : Los Angeles
  • 05:00 AM : New York
  • 06:00 AM : Sao Paulo
  • 10:00 AM : London
  • 12:00 PM : Riyadh
  • 16:00 PM : Jakarta
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  • 18:00 PM : Tokyo
  • 18:00 PM : Seoul
  • 19:00 PM : Sydney

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Ordering Samples gives you a great opportunity to taste the before the auction and be ready to bid!


  • 10 Coffee Samples (200g each)
  • Coffee Guide


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"Treating coffee with respect is the main ingredient to much of what we do."

Guillermo Sanchez


Experience the Uniqueness of our coffee: A Journey Through Flavor and Culture

We take pride on having the highest standard of picking point (ripeness) possible, which San José Ocaña is known for. The uniformity of our picked crop, is seldom seen in other parts of the coffee producing world. Moreover, each daily lot and variety is processed individually on a given day.

Our fine coffee-producing farm, serves only the prime specialty coffee market, thanks to its high altitude, good clayish soils and varietals.


A Century of Excellence: Finca San José Ocaña Coffee from Guatemala

This exquisite coffee hails from Finca San José Ocaña, a family-owned estate situated in the municipality of San Juan Sacatepéquez, Guatemala. The Sanchez family has proudly owned and managed the estate since 1905, developing 150 acres of the land for coffee cultivation, while preserving the remaining 260 acres in their natural state.

With over a century of experience, the Sanchez family takes great care in every step of the coffee-making process. Their growers utilize their own mill to meticulously select, pulp, and dry the coffee cherries, ensuring a top-quality product. The result is a coffee with a rich history and a truly exceptional taste.

"We produce the best possible coffee quality with the highest sustainability mindset, designed to be able to maintain it in the same way, through the coming years"